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This 1974 MACK CF-700 bearing chassis# CF795F(15)1054 is equipped with a 325HP ENDTF-865 V-8 Maxidyne 865ci Diesel Engine coupled with a 5 speed manual transmission operating a centrifugal 2 stage 1500 gpm pump with a 830 gal booster tank. It was originally delivered to the Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company #1 in Montgomery County, PA on 3/27/74 with a Canopy Cab and a 500 gal tank designated as Engine 1003. In 1989 the rig was rehabbed by J.C.Moore Industries Fredonia, PA. It was rebuilt as a water supply pumper boasting dual LDH discharges and major bodywork. In 2000 it was sold reluctantly to Citizens Hose Co. #1 Dillsburg, PA where it was retired as Engine 64. It is 1 of 112 MACK CF-700’s (MACK V-8 engine) to be built. Fully functional it can be seen on the muster circuit in the central east coast region.
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