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At approximately noon on Labor Day September 2, 2013, members of the Alexandria Fire Department responded to Box 5892 - 801 S. Pickett St. The first response blossomed into 6 alarms as well as numerous special alarms. The occupancy was a deconstruction firm, as well as a foam recycling business. Being a holiday, the building was unoccupied, so there was minimal civilian life hazard. As you can see from the pictures, this was an extensive operation. The initial attack was hampered by a water main break in the main line feeding the area, so many additional engines were needed to establish and maintain the needed fire flow. This is one of the largest working fire in the History of the AFD. The second working fire in the last seven days, the NOVA pact mutual aid agreement worked very well, it looks like all of the necessary resources were obtained in a timely manner. And Most importantly "Everyone is going Home!!!"
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